Trying a 21 year old space MMORPG for the first time

I've taken up Eve Online. They had a sale where you could essentially spend $8 for almost 2 billion of the in-game currency. This isn't much in terms of the game's broader meta where a single endgame ship could cost billions.

For me, the near beginner, it's a lot. There's a philosophy among players that if you can't afford to treat your ship like ammunition, disposable, then you can't afford your ship. As someone who's come to prefer the combat side of the game, that's important.

2 billion buys a lot of ammunition.

I chose the faction my character is in, Caldari, because I like the look of their ships. For now, I've chosen to focus on agent missions for that faction's military. This means I am, for now, a dog of the military.

Here's a short video of one of those missions.

It was not, in fact, one little drone.

The ship is fitted with equipment ideal for going after the pirate faction that operates in Caldari space and it turns out to be overkill for most things. But every so often I find myself overwhelmed.

I may have burned myself out a bit getting to this point, but I do expect to get back into it at some point. Stay tuned!