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If you've listened to a podcast, you've used Really Simple Syndication and probably didn't even know it! RSS does way more than podcasts. Every tag page on this blog produces an RSS feed if you tack /rss/ on to the end of the address. This way you can follow just the stuff you want to.

Here's the feeds for the main sections! Foxcraft, Blog, Notes. You can also follow the feed for everything.

Most people will get along best with Feedly. It's most familiar if you've used reading apps like Pocket or Flipboard. It has a generous 100 feed limit and most things you might want to follow will show up in search. Try searching for your favorite YouTube channel on the page where you add new feeds.

Power users who read a lot online will get along best with Inoreader. It has the most integrations with other tools and the default view has good information density without being overwhelming. Inoreader's paid plans will let you receive email newsletters as feeds. It's ideal for people who might have used Google Reader in its latter days as a way to keep up on an industry and possibly write their own take on things.