Kye Fox

Hey! You look like someone who could use music. See below for info on commissioning me. See this link for what your public Trello card will look like. It helps keep people apprised of where they are in the queue. See this link for my FAQ. See this link for previews from a real live commission I did for a friend.

All the steps for your commission. I make instrumental (no vocals), and tend to prefer electronic. I do have orchestral libraries and various sampled instruments I can work with.

How to contact
Email is best! or use the form below.

Read the whole thing first.

Full ~3 minute song: $500
One minute of music: $250
Intro (30 seconds or less): $150

This will generally include 1-3 instruments.

Note on payment: We'll start out with invoices payable by PayPal or debit card. If we end up working together often or on a big project, I can send invoices with support for direct bank transfers.

Note on licensing: Generally, the person who creates a work (me) retains copyright and licenses it to the commissioner (you). The payment comes with a license to use it in games, videos, podcasts, streams, and movies. Generally, you can use it for anything you could if you bought it as part of a royalty-free collection. That means selling it in an album or sound collection, or giving someone else the rights, would involve a separate discussion. Copyright assignment is generally not done because it's worth a lot, and few commissioners really need it.

Initial Consult

1. Discuss example songs you provide to get an idea of what you want
2. Initial payment (half)
3. Rough (text) outline of the song with all the major elements. This is the first of two opportunities to make big changes.


1. I'll send you a quick, rough version. This is the second and last opportunity to make big changes.
2. I'll send you the final draft. You can request two minor revisions at this stage.
3. Discuss any variations; downtempo, minimal, etc. You get two with the main song using the same melodies, instruments, and arrangement.
4. Final payment (half)
5. Delivery of files. You get an archival FLAC and an MP3 you can use as-is.

Hello. You can contact me with this form.

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