Penn's Sunday School

Penn's Sunday School is mostly just a guy sharing stories with friends about times past, present, and future in the world of show business and the world in general. I didn't think I was this interested in hearing about the goings on of the Las Vegas magic show scene, but here we are.

You can't really go wrong with any episode. But I do find the contrast between some of the memes and the reality interesting. As a famous critic of society, his image often ends up in memes that are anti-queer. One in particular has him smiling over a trash can full of pronouns.

Some useful information:

  • His podcast has a nonbinary-inclusive intro
  • His kid is nonbinary
  • He will respect your pronouns
  • He gets less concerned with dogma by the year, including those associated with gender and sexuality

People who haven't really kept up on Penn don't realize he's pretty chill. Not at all the stereotype of a near 70 year old atheist libertarian. I'm not actually sure he still identifies with those labels.

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