I'm not switching to Linux

I'm putting this here so I can tap the sign any time someone tells me to get rid of Windows.

Could I switch to Linux? Sure. I probably know Linux better than most people who chastise me for using Windows. I've used it in some capacity since 2001 and regularly dip into WSL.

Could I switch to Linux completely? Not without a significant loss of productivity.

Given the sorry state of Wine/wine-like support for the tools I spend most of my time in, I would have to spend most of my time booted into Windows or inside a Windows VM. At that point, why?

All the important stuff is backed up off site. All my data is in formats that I can load/convert with Linux tools; most are already open source! BitWig will even load my Live projects! If it came to it, I could operate in a significantly reduced capacity with the tools available on Linux that try to do the same thing. So until then, I might as well stick with the operating system everything is made for. Like with Linux, I know how to take control of Windows and remove all the noise they try to add every year or so, and that's a tiny fraction of the work it'd take to operate under Linux.