Got cups on my ears

Games! Some of these you might have heard of. These are classics that I still think about.

  1. Night In The Woods (, Steam) - You’ve seen it. Probably. Crimes! Cups on ears! It sounds like a dig to say the game didn’t live up to expectations, but it’s actually a good thing in this case. I had no idea it was this deep. Not that I mind a good goof, but people always portray it as silly. Sometimes silly is a survival mechanism. I didn't cry or feel much before playing this game, but I did a lot of the latter and a little of the former over the course of this game. Night In The Woods isn’t just memes and Gregg being adorable. It shows that all the weird, hard stuff in life is normal. All the weird brain stuff. All the weird life stuff. They made a whole game about it! It feels good. It feels bad. It feels normal. I feel normal. Space cat is a jerk, but they’re right. Atoms. Just atoms. And that’s okay, because we make our own purpose, us little creatures. Thanks space cat. Jerk. Played it already? Give it another go. Choices affect the outcome, just like real life!
  2. Cave Story - I don't actually know how much the game on Steam has to do with the original. I played it back when it was still downloaded from some sketchy site where you ran a patcher to apply a fan translation to English. The music played a huge part in inspiring me to make my own.