Getting to know me: Star Trek edition

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  • Fav movie: First Contact
  • Fav episode: The Drumhead
  • Fav show: Enterprise
  • Fav TOS character: Mudd
  • Fav DS9 character: Rom
  • Fav Voy character: EMH Mark II
  • Fav TNG character: Guinan
  • Fav Enterprise character: Shran
  • Fav New Trek character: Saru (is Discovery new trek?)
  • Fav Side character: Morn. Can't say enough about the guy.
  • Fav Captain: Sisko
  • Fav Villain: Admiral Norah Satie
  • Fav non-starfleet character: Mirasta Yale
  • Fav Ship: Delta Flyer II
  • Fav Planet: Ba'ku