Welcome! This is my little blog-slash-newsletter where I share the things that interest me for people who share those interests. If you do social media, you can find me on Bluesky or Threads. There's a good reason I'm on these specifically that I'll write about some day, but you can see the seeds of that decision here.

I break it down into different major sections.

Foxcraft: I make various creative things, mostly music and stories, and share pre-release versions with subscribers. Paid.

Blog: Long-form writing about stuff. Free for all.

Notes: Links, tips, recipes, random thoughts. Free for all.

Then some bundle tags when I realize I've written enough about a subject to make one.

Fandom: TV, movies, games. [link][rss]

Tech: Computers are divine machines that we sully with our 'wares. A CPU is a marvel of science and engineering. The garbage we flip its little gates with is a tragedy. I document the trauma humans inflict upon them. [link][rss]

Science Fiction: At the intersection of reality and fantasy. [link][rss]