The Ensigns of Command (Star Trek TNG s3e2) - silly text in the Treaty of Armens [with transcript!]

This is one of those classic Trek moments. The Sheliak refuse to give the colonists enough time to leave before taking the planet, so Picard engages in a clever legal maneuver.

Only, the text on the screen isn't any kind of treaty. HD and 4K remasters often reveal fun things like human teeth ninja turtles, profane keyboards, and...writing room goofiness in on-screen text.

The only actual transcript I could find is in this Reddit post from a deleted account, and Reddit may not be long for this world (won't go into it here), so I'll reproduce it here.

All requests for changes in the text or provision (B) must be submitted in writing or by a terribly Complex Subspace long as it is encrypted and unreadable. As well as garbled and confused, so as to conform to the Provision (A294 A-C) of the Incomprehensible Acts of Widdershins. Federation Document Locator .... All of this simply to get the text along to subparagraph 832, which is quite a ways down the page. You might think that this is incredibly clever stuff. Boy are you wrong.

Section 87654

Rick is initially getting a kei and yuri reference into the text. You know. The two cute girls with the big guns. We might also mention Akria, Ranma Nibinoichi, Ubusei Yatsura, Rhea Gall Force, and a few other animated films. The Federation at this point in time seems more tangled up in paperwork than the Iran-Contra scandal business

Section 74543

In the text of the treaty, or didn't anyone think about that eventuality when the bloody document was first drawn up? Never mind. It's a rhetorical question anyway, but we just thought we'd try to demonstrate our legalistic cleverness. Just one more until the critical one where we talk about consultations and that sort of thing.

Section 33406

We can do search-and-replace come to think about it. That's what the Shelliac want to do with the colony on the planet. This section deals with the right of each party to confer with the other in the event something screwy happens with the treaty. This may take the form of normal EM spectrum communication, subspace EM communication, face-to-face meetings, telephone tag, messages in bottles or any other water-tight form of enclosure, gossip, half-truths, outright lies, or face-to-face meetings. Interruption of Treaty compliance shall not exceed one (1D0 X 10E0) standard UFP solar year (except during the month of July). See technician 1A48589 1742 A-CE589451 for code inputs. LCARS updates on treaty compliance interruptions shall take place at each starbase layover, or when commanded by ranking UFP (or other assigned body) officials at Starfleet Headquarters. 24-593 Federation Drive, San Francisco, CA, Earth, Sol Sector. Request for assistance may be placed by transmission to standard Starfleet booster station for channeling to UFP Treaty Office (Sol Sector).

Section 74543

Acceptable to appropriate notification is given to Federation Bureau of Treaties (Sol Sector). See IA 98745234(1-1) for schedule of comms and temporal adjustment factors. Third party agreements. Third party assistance may be requested from a Federation if the distance from the vessel to the sol sector is greater than 5,000 lightyears UFP Standard Measurement Bureau Units. Assistance may also be requested if the vessel is less than 1,000 lightyears of a standard UFP subspace relay booster station and that is the way it is.