So here's what happened

Three months, two hotels, and two room changes later, I’m in something resembling stability for the duration of the rebuild.

I don’t want to go into detail for personal security reasons, but if you’re here, you probably came through one of my many shares on Mastodon where I occasionally mentioned the people I live with make me fear for my safety.

One of the scenarios I worried about happened. We all got out alive before the whole thing came down, but almost everything was lost with the house. I got out with a few of my more expensive work things, but I’m not convinced there will be any money left to cover what I’ve had to spend of my savings once the costs of rebuilding are covered. Living is expensive when you don’t have a kitchen!

Anyway. I’m down $31/month to about $90/month since announcing the move to Ko-fi. No one who canceled on Patreon moved to Ko-fi. I feel the inflated prices and stagnant pay of our era more than most, so I get it. I have an oven, stove, freezer, and toaster now, so things are looking up.

That's my whole income until, after three months of delay, I start building a portfolio so I can take commissions.

I had literally, literally literally, just started on this after five years of accumulating enough tools to actually do it when time came to evacuate. Great timing.

I got a nice thrift shop desk and mostly functional desk chair for my room in the apartment I’ll be in for the duration of rebuild, so now I can actually start working on music again. I upgraded to Komplete 13 Ultimate CE with all the orchestral and cinematic stuff as planned, but I lost the stuff I planned to sell off to spare the hit to my savings. The alternative was to wait yet another year to finally have all the pieces in place on what I started building in 2017, and I’m tired of waiting.

The main goal now is to get back up to where I was at the peak of $200/month so I can save enough to replace my laptop in case I can’t get it out of the next disaster. I was lucky my planning for the last one worked at all! My next actual purchase will be a desk chair. The ancient $7 I got at a thrift store had a broken hole where one wheel goes, and it's a little hard to use it with one missing. First, though, a cheaper memory upgrade for my laptop to make sure I can get things shipped here from the same company since the address isn't in every system yet, and sometimes deliveries get routed wrong.

Expect new music soon as I work on a new album. It’s going to be epic. Here's a small preview. The finished thing will be more synthy. Pianos just make composing and arranging easier.

Ko-fi supporters will get screen recordings of Ableton Live as I work on stuff, plus super secret private blog posts where I share MP3s of experiments and works in progress.

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