Kye Fox

Soundware Explorer: Sphere from Echo Sound Works

I grabbed a huge bundle of samples and presets last year! They're all from a company called Echo Sound Works, and I have yet to find one I didn't like. I'm going to go through some of the 1000+ Serum presets and make little demos for the ones I like. Starting with Sphere.

Sphere caught my attention long before it showed up in this bundle. I really like synthy orchestral instruments, and the fact that it also came with a lot of world instruments was a nice perk. I was saving for it, then I caught a sale on ADSR with a couple hours left with about 20GB of stuff at half the price of Sphere alone. Easy call.

Sphere comes with about 200 Serum presets. I only made melodies for 20 here. It came with a lot more than presets, like percussion samples and Kontakt instruments, but Serum presets are my focus. Below, I've embedded melodies I made with the presets. Members at the Bonus Content tier get the MIDIs.

Glass Bowl Lead
Perfect for the background music for some sort of ceremony or evil scientist's lair.

Glass Marimba 01
Nice bright, energetic sound. Could be used for a festive scene.

Bandura 01
A little bit zither, a little bit lute. Reminds me of an oud.

Eastern Mando
I've always associated mandolins with folk music, but they probably work for any variety of music.

Sad Cello
It's exactly what it sounds like! This is one of the few orchestral sounds that comes with Sphere. For those, Coda has much more variety. It's on my list for a future Soundware Explorer entry.

Aussie Flute
Probably supposed to be a didgeridoo.

Irish Flute Lead
Has a slight stringy quality to it.

Clean Poly
A brass instrument! Surprisingly light on CPU relative to other patches in Sphere.

Small Trumpet
Another brass. It's hard to tell this is synthesized trumpet based on a sampled one rather than a real trumpet.

Chinese Lute
AKA pipa. The world has a lot of lutes and lute-like instruments.

Dobro Clean
Wikipedia says a Dobro is a brand of "resonator guitar." I wonder if it works like an ocarina with its resonance chamber.

Dobro Pluck Paper
Has a very spaghetti western feel to it.

Japanese Guitar 2
AKA shamisen. Sphere is not consistent with naming. Sometimes they use popular generic western terms for world instruments. Sometimes they use terms with less distance from the origin.

Music Box Organ
Could be a stand-in for a steel drum.

Sounds a bit like a muted bass.

If I were going to make background music for a 2D/isometric RPG, this would be a good starting place.

I don't know what this is meant to be. It sounds like a mix between a cello, a distorted electric guitar, and a horn.

Future Bali
Now I want to know what the cyberpunk scene is like in Bali...

In Town
A little RPG village.

You know the End Of Time scenes in Chrono Trigger? That.

This is the last post for now. I have a monthly schedule in mind, but wanted to get some stuff out so people knew what to expect, and so members wouldn't sign up and feel shorted. :)