Life you learn from isn't wasted

I used to consider the hours and millions of words I poured into forums, Reddit, Hacker News, and Twitter wasted.

But then something happened.

My last 100,000 or so words have each been better than anything I’ve written before. Insights come out easier. Structure mostly tends to itself. So all those years that felt wasted, that I beat myself up over, were easy to reframe as practice.

There was probably a better way to get here, but my ADHD brain didn’t allow it. The lure of yet another argument online was too strong. But now it’s a little easier to disengage. To put those thoughts down into a file instead, or even into a newsletter draft like I’ve done here.

I’ve also come to appreciate brevity. What can I say about a new phase I’m still getting used to? It’s too new an experience to really share any learnings other than to say that all that time you feel like you’re wasting might be practice for what comes next. And instead of letting it lure you in and use more time than you need, be more intentional in that practice.

That’s about 200 words. What’ll the next million look like?