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Wait, you lost me. What’s RSS?

If you listen to podcasts, you already use RSS without realizing it. Podcasts were the original use case for RSS feeds, but most blogs and websites publish an RSS feed and have handy automatic discovery. Like with podcasts, RSS lets you follow your favorite sites from one place without checking them manually. You don’t go out and download each episode of your favorite podcasts manually, so why should it be any different with your favorite writers?

Feedly is friendly for new users. Inoreader is popular with advanced users. Both of them have apps for your phone or tablet. They also work with other apps like Pocket and IFTTT. Copy any page on this blog into your reader’s search box to see how it works. You can also share a page to the apps on mobile.

Some sites don’t provide a link to their RSS feed in the code behind the page, but modern RSS readers are usually smart enough to find it anyway.