Kye Fox

It could be worse

Cross-post from the newsletter.

Email #1 was quite ranty, wasn’t it? I’m frustrated that my degree didn’t do much more than fix the damage done in K-12. But…it could be worse. So much worse. I got over my fear of math, writing, and Linux without any debt.

Georgia's HOPE Scholarship got me through a two year degree that told me all the people poking fun at me for not moving over to the college next door for a 4 year degree were going to be sorry.

I graduated in the middle of the Great Recession as many of them were probably knee deep in debt in the third or fourth year of a degree no one was hiring for. Also: it was a STEM degree at a STEM-heavy community college. Most of the people in the classes poked fun at the cosmetology department on the other side of the school. Those cosmetology students probably paid for it entirely with HOPE and are doing okay now. Great Clips employs almost as many people as the coal industry.

Hubris is a great way to end up broke, in debt, and wishing you'd made better choices. I'm not in a great place financially, but it's better than I would be if I'd gone into debt. I see a landscape of alternate futures where I made a different choice.