Kye Fox

How to make a supersaw in Serum

The supersaw was a patch on Roland Corporation’s JP-8000 and JP-8080 synthesizers. Roland wasn’t the first to come up with playing 7 detuned saws at the same time, but as far as I know they were the first to make it this easy to do.

Before, you'd record one saw, dub another slightly detuned over it, then repeat. Complicated. Supersaws are simple to make in Serum: keeping the default waveform, dial voices on one of the main oscillators (A or B) to 7 and play with the detune until you like the sound.

As this sound has been around since at least the ‘80s, you run the risk of sounding cliche. But it’s a fantastic starting point because it sounds good.

You can use the warp modes to change the character, add some fuzz in the wavetable editor, or resample it for a full wavetable to tinker with. Endless possibilities.

A supersaw made in Serum.

Members can get a supersaw wavetable plus the Serum preset, sheet music, and MIDI I made for this demo.