Free stock photography advice

Free advice, given freely to me by someone with an agency’s bulk credit supply, for people trying to do microstock in the 2020s: you are not making art.

The designers you’re shooting for, who the buyers are buying for, are making art.

Tag all levels: what it is, what it looks like, what feelings/goals a designer might target with it. So a light on an office building isn’t just a light. It’s context and purpose.

It’s prosperity, industry, sodium, brick, sky, blue, vertical, black, housing, frosted.

Think of it like you’re making a brush pack for a painter, or a sound pack for a musician. You’re making tools and giving them some hints on how to use it.

You might not think much of the retreating base payouts–formerly 25 cents per image, now headed to 10–but you have to think of this like an agency buyer buying stock for designers.

They never know how an image will be used. 10 variations on the same subject is not excessive. That’s a chance a designer will find the perfect fit for their design. And $2.50 or $1 is really not that much for that confidence. It’s a bargain.

And they come back to photographers who consistently provide for them.