Kye Fox

Fox Populi for February 2019

Facebook, libertarianism, good news for trans rights, and a new twist on an oldschool way of making music.

Hello! Welcome to the first edition of Fox Populi, my semi-regular collection of links and things. Members at the bonus content tier get these in PDF format.


I generally associate libertarianism with cruelty and selfishness, but there are a few libertarians who don't seem that bad. "Against Libertarian Brutalism" tries to draw a distinction between two schools of libertarian thought. I'm always skeptical of people in widely-derided subcultures trying to paint a "we're not them" picture, so keep in mind this could be propaganda.

Facebook blocked ProPublica's data gathering tool. I'm more favorable toward ProPublica's position than Facebook's.

The bad news is a major UK trans rights organization lost its funding. The good news is some YouTube people are good.

Contrapoints is good. I used to run into people who didn’t seem like they wanted to believe in the many toxic ideologies they fall into, but they didn’t have the knowledge to explain what was wrong. Contrapoints finally provides simple answers in the format and place a lot of these people get roped into these hate movements.

I got my start with music on OpenMPT way back in ancient times. I never imagined you'd be able to run a tracker in a web browser. That's exactly what Bassoon Tracker is.


The best part about Spread Thy Wings is that it has all the production quality of a mainstream album, but it’s unabashedly furry. It also has this extremely feelsy music video.