Kye Fox

Dropping Netflix and Spotify or: my modern media meal plan for 2019

Spotify's dual announcement that they would start banning free accounts that used ad blockers and that they were buying Gimlet and Anchor made me rethink how I spent my entertainment energy.

Netflix and Spotify have both been habitual for years. I checked Spotify when I heard about a new song, and Netflix when I heard about a TV show or movie I missed. My Netflix profile was on a relative's account. They cancelled with the coming price hike, and I barely noticed. I always used an ad blocker on Spotify. Having a chipper person yelling about a product I was never going to buy cut into a pop song I wouldn't have cared about without easy access was not worth over $120 a year.

The truth is, I've been headed deeper into independent, obscure, and/or less popular media for years. Netflix was a nice way to kill 15 minutes while waiting on something. Most of Spotify's value proposition is not for me.

These changes prompted me to really think about what I was taking in and what its value is to me.


I've been a fan of Bandcamp from the start. I find most new artists there, and keep up with my favorites with its follow feature. When Fox Amoore releases something new, it comes in the form of a notification from Bandcamp, and I never give a thought to popular streaming sites. Here's a short list of artists I follow.


YouTube is still a big deal here. The number of Netflix Originals that appealed to me has been in steady decline since they started investing every dollar into it. While I hold that quantity is the best way for an individual creative to figure out how to produce quality, it doesn't work at the publication level. There is too much, and not enough of it is good enough to justify almost $160 a year. Here are some YouTubers I follow.


I didn't get seriously into podcasts until I got an iPhone and found Overcast. Before, my phone couldn't handle the apps available, and the desktop experience was always poor.


Remember when everyone thought Kindle Unlimited would be the death of indie writing? Yeah, me neither. Here are some writers/blogs I follow, fiction and non.


I always wanted to read comics, but they were just too expensive by the time I noticed them. Now I have a Marvel Unlimited subscription and run a newsletter where I review them. This is very new and under development, so I don't have any favorite writers or artists yet.