It’s not so radical

I have some trouble relating to people only 5 years younger than me. I’m under 40. Why are people pushing 80 and 90 leading a country with a median age of 38.2? How can they possibly understand our needs, our wants, what’s best for us? There are people in that age range who get it,…More

Writers vs tropes

Writers have the same problem new artists do. They think referencing is cheating, or makes them bad artists. But any professional artist will tell you fusing bits and pieces of things that already exist into something unique is the only way to go. I think most writers start with archetypes and tropes either on purpose…More

You have been misled about bisexuality

Most of the pan people I know are fine. They understand the disinfo about bi is just that: wrong. They know I identify as bi, they know a lot of other people who do, and understand “wait hold up, are you cis?” absolutely never comes up in conversations with the partners pf bi people who…More

Free stock photography advice

Free advice, given freely to me by someone with an agency’s bulk credit supply, for people trying to do microstock in 2020: you are not making art. The designers you’re shooting for, who the buyers are buying for, are making art. Tag all levels: what it is, what it looks like, what feelings/goals a designer…More

I’m out of music, but the stories aren’t over

My interest in making music died a long time ago, but the reality finally clicked at 6:20 PM, eastern time, on November 24, 2020. It was something I did because, of all my hobbies, it was the only one I could afford the tools for. First OpenMPT. Then LMMS. Then Studio One, Reaper, and Ableton…More

The world beyond Walking Dead

See what I did there? Anyway. Someone (I lost the link) did an analysis of the ever-lengthening run time of Walking Dead and its spinoffs. Every last minute of extra time past 44 was ads. I tried watching the latest one, World Beyond, but they did the exact same thing with a slog of a…More

Space is still cool

There’s a lot of boring foundational work happening on the ISS right now: 3D printing in space, growing plants in space, gathering data on and experimenting with maintaining long-term health in space, probably other stuff. It’s as boring to outsiders as protocol research was before TCP/IP and the commercial internet. But you don’t get YouTube…More

People always found ways past ads

NetZero: “Free internet!”People: “oh cool I can just use Windows’ own dialer and bypass the ad” This wasn’t as much of a problem for AOL since they had a paid thing, but I suspect the ability to dial in past the ads in the official client didn’t help. Namezero: “Free domains!”People: “here’s this one line…More

Letting go, taking responsibility, healing

The hardest part of adulting is learning to let go of things. But it’s so important. Someone fucked you over and now you have some coping response? Well too dang bad, because unless you take responsibility for it, you’re going to do it to someone else. Blame deflection and coping behaviors are ticking time bombs.…More

Nobody asked if Trump’s coup attempt was legal

All these centrist/liberal “here’s why it’s legally impossible for Trump to stay in power” takes are not reassuring to someone with no trust in systems, who is threatened by Trump’s ongoing illegal actions, and who would be further threatened by a Trump unconcerned with re-election. It’s the same dismissiveness they’ve always shown to the left…More