Nikon D5600 in 2021: still worth it?

2021 update: still yes — Short answer: yes. You should get it. Note: the images in this post went missing in a media cleanup! I posted more in my review of the 70-300 lens. Slightly less short answer: it’s good enough in enough situations that the main thing holding it back is the glass you…More

A yarn about software development culture

Note: This is a republished version of an article from an old blog. Richard Stallman resigned and/or was pushed out of the FSF, depending on your alignment. People put up with his behavior because he helped start the free software movement. But after a point you have to wonder: how many potential contributors were put off…More

ActivityPub Could Be The Future

I’ll admit, I’ve spent the last several years disillusioned with technology. All the quirky little tools people made gave way to ad-fueled companies that refused to play well with others. This is the first time I’ve been excited for a new technology in memory. ActivityPub is to HTTP what HTTP was to TCP/IP. TCP/IP bridged…More

That time I got two defective refurbished Nikon D3400s from Adorama

I have long wanted to get serious about photography. I used a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS until it died on me, and quit photography. I just didn’t have the money for another camera, and phone cameras were inadequate. One day, I finally saved enough to get a proper DSLR in the form of a Nikon…More

I listened to Joe Rogan’s podcast so you don’t have to

Here are all the things I’ve heard about Joe Rogan, mega-popular podcaster: Nazi Transphobe Idiot Genius I finally gave in and had a listen to a few of his very, very long podcast episodes after Bernie Sanders called out his interview with Rogan. The result is…he’s okay. Fine. Good. Doesn’t seem like a Nazi. Has…More