Book of Beginnings

The dearth of response to this little TTRPG world project mixed with my own fading interest means this will probably be it for now. It's just short of 3000 words.

What I still plan to do and post for supporters:

  • Encounter maps
  • Tiny dungeons (based on the 5 room dungeon concept)
  • Solo game playthroughs/reviews - "One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows" is likely to be the first entry here
  • My own little solo games. Short games you can play with a printout, a notebook, and a d6.
  • Background music

More stuff:

  • I attached the one 5 room dungeon and its encounter map here. See: the end of the post.
  • The Hollows will become the center of stories for a while. I think I bit off more than I could chew with an entire galaxy in this. Expect names, places, and things to return, but centered here. It's also at the end of the post; expect changes in the future.


Entry: Book of Beginnings - Exodus

Date: Unknown

Format: Holographic recording