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  • It’s not so radical
    I have some trouble relating to people only 5 years younger than me. I’m under 40. Why are people pushing 80 and 90 leading a country with a median age of 38.2? How can they possibly understand our needs, our wants, what’s best for us? There are people in that age range who get it,…More
  • Writers vs tropes
    Writers have the same problem new artists do. They think referencing is cheating, or makes them bad artists. But any professional artist will tell you fusing bits and pieces of things that already exist into something unique is the only way to go. I think most writers start with archetypes and tropes either on purpose…More
  • You have been misled about bisexuality
    Most of the pan people I know are fine. They understand the disinfo about bi is just that: wrong. They know I identify as bi, they know a lot of other people who do, and understand “wait hold up, are you cis?” absolutely never comes up in conversations with the partners pf bi people who…More
  • Free stock photography advice
    Free advice, given freely to me by someone with an agency’s bulk credit supply, for people trying to do microstock in 2020: you are not making art. The designers you’re shooting for, who the buyers are buying for, are making art. Tag all levels: what it is, what it looks like, what feelings/goals a designer…More
  • I’m out of music, but the stories aren’t over
    My interest in making music died a long time ago, but the reality finally clicked at 6:20 PM, eastern time, on November 24, 2020. It was something I did because, of all my hobbies, it was the only one I could afford the tools for. First OpenMPT. Then LMMS. Then Studio One, Reaper, and Ableton…More
  • The world beyond Walking Dead
    See what I did there? Anyway. Someone (I lost the link) did an analysis of the ever-lengthening run time of Walking Dead and its spinoffs. Every last minute of extra time past 44 was ads. I tried watching the latest one, World Beyond, but they did the exact same thing with a slog of a…More
  • Space is still cool
    There’s a lot of boring foundational work happening on the ISS right now: 3D printing in space, growing plants in space, gathering data on and experimenting with maintaining long-term health in space, probably other stuff. It’s as boring to outsiders as protocol research was before TCP/IP and the commercial internet. But you don’t get YouTube…More
  • People always found ways past ads
    NetZero: “Free internet!”People: “oh cool I can just use Windows’ own dialer and bypass the ad” This wasn’t as much of a problem for AOL since they had a paid thing, but I suspect the ability to dial in past the ads in the official client didn’t help. Namezero: “Free domains!”People: “here’s this one line…More
  • Letting go, taking responsibility, healing
    The hardest part of adulting is learning to let go of things. But it’s so important. Someone fucked you over and now you have some coping response? Well too dang bad, because unless you take responsibility for it, you’re going to do it to someone else. Blame deflection and coping behaviors are ticking time bombs.…More
  • Nobody asked if Trump’s coup attempt was legal
    All these centrist/liberal “here’s why it’s legally impossible for Trump to stay in power” takes are not reassuring to someone with no trust in systems, who is threatened by Trump’s ongoing illegal actions, and who would be further threatened by a Trump unconcerned with re-election. It’s the same dismissiveness they’ve always shown to the left…More
  • The next YouTube will be virtual reality native
    Followup to my last post. Honestly? VRChat is already close to the next YouTube. It’s just…not very accessible. People could make random vlogs with their camera phone or pocket camera. You need to download an SDK and read a whole bunch of stuff and learn how to model and texture and… Yeah, it’s not VRChat.…More
  • The internet was not the biggest invention of the 20th century
    The internet was nothing next to basically anything to come out of the 20th. There’s nothing you could do on it you couldn’t do on BBSes/stuff like Compuserve that predated wide availability of the internet. The ’90s internet was a nice interface over the existing telephone network. The internet’s time to shine is still to…More
  • Fleet(ing) week, or the further collapse of context on Twitter
    Just heard about “fleets,” a more fleeting form of the already fleeting tweet. Unless someone digs it up and frames it out of context to score some clout. Everything online is fleeting unless it serves some negative need. I can never find stuff I want to find on Twitter. It’s always the old thinking, surpassed,…More
  • On the media, the future, and the past
    Condé Nast is one of the few media empires to persist into the rough start of this second decade of the 21st century. If you ever wonder what my main interests are, I can offer a clue in the fact that I spent much of the morning reading about media and publishing, including this nearly…More
  • EduTech spyware makes me glad I’m done with school
    Techdirt has broad coverage, while comrade Soatok dug into the actual security behind the tech. I graduated from a 2 year college in the ruins of the pre-2008 economy. My biggest concern with online classes back then was figuring out how to make the Java applet for Blackboard run when it wouldn’t run in any…More
  • Reclaiming my CPU time on the vicious, viscous web
    JavaScript was named in 1995, created earlier by Brendan Eich, someone who accuses people of trying to compel him to speak when you ask any question in the realm of whether or not his donation to an anti-gay hate campaign reflects his current views. Much as it pains me to say, and to his credit,…More
  • Substack: new blog, same as the old blog, but in a good way
    I smiled and gave a noncommittal answer. As a freelancer, it seemed more likely than not that one day I would start a Substack, or something similar. What choice did I have? Clio Chang, The Substackerati, Columbia Journalism Review Let’s review the last 100 years of sharing opinions and knowledge while attempting to get paid…More
  • You can keep your impressions, Mr. Jack Dorsey. They do me no good.
    My last look at Twitter’s analytics tool said I got over 500k impressions! Wow. Who the fuck cares. I didn’t get paid for the ads they ran. Nobody clicked through to my profile or followed me. No one looked at anything I posted. I do not need your “impressions,” Twitter. I have a blog. This…More
  • Journaling to the public
    I am quitting social media. I don’t intend to write some pretentious think piece. I’m just done. I started putting some longer thoughts on Tumblr that I decided were too short for a blog, then I wondered where I got that idea. Why is a short post not suited for a blog? That was the…More
  • Hops (pilot)
    Long, long ago people traveled the cosmos through these gates. No one knows exactly what happened. Most people think the spirits inside them didn’t like how people used them and blocked travel. Those people, now cut off from the cosmos, forgot how to travel the stars in ships, so they were stranded far away from…More
  • Jump, but how high? How people get around in space
    Science fiction has a lot of ways to get around. Star Trek has its warps, its slipstreams, its spore drives. Haven’t seen Discovery? Don’t ask. But the spore drive kind of works if you ignore how silly and OP it is and pay attention to the good stories they tell with it. My universe has…More
  • Healing, but for who? A response to President-elect Joe Biden
    Joe Biden’s victory speech had a “can’t we all just get along?” theme. I think the world he sees is possible. I’m going to take him up on what he asked, but I don’t think he’ll like how I go about it. But that’s my belief that he’s an old corporatist who cares more about…More
  • Early Vibrafox worldbuilding
    Vibrafox is part of and the overall name of my little fictional universe, first sketched out in public in other stories. These pieces of flash fiction paint the overall view of the world’s timeline from early exploration to the far future in just short of 5000 words. Expedition Report, Portal A: an ominous note Captain’s…More
  • Mastodon shows its stripes
    There’s a new (2015) trans flag making the rounds over on Mastodon, an early ActivityPub platform. It was created by Raquel Willis in 2015 to raise awareness to the tremendous amount of violence black trans people face. Trans people in general have it bad, but it’s so much worse for them. Some people on Mastodon,…More
  • Nikon D5600 in 2020: still worth it?
    Short answer: yes. You should get it. Slightly less short answer: it’s good enough in enough situations that the main thing holding it back is the glass you plant on the front and, to a lesser extent, the technique and experience of the person on the other end. Given what I’ve done with its more…More
  • Normal wasn’t okay.
    The commentor class keeps talking about going “back to normal” once the covid-19 pandemic is over. They come with checkmarks on Twitter and tickers in the lower third. To them, this is nothing but an exception, and everything was fine before. This new precarity they see is only sudden in its reach and scale. Most…More
  • Mirror
    Diana stopped at the edge of the soft shadow of the tree. Its trunk rose into the clouds, near black in the noon sun. The branches seemed to go on forever, one half of the tree green leaves, one half every color of the rainbow, and brighter than the low light should permit. Around her,…More
  • Skyscraper
    Foxes, like the fennec Karpat here, were born of the World Tree, and rarely left the comfort of the vast forests and plains of the dara (”gift of life,” called wilderness in more vulgar places). Karpat pulled at one of the vines running up the ancient, long-abandoned skyscraper. Lines of green and red wound their…More
  • Life Magic
    Sami walked through the dark valley formed by two of the World Tree’s roots. Grass crunched under his paws, and he could smell mint from the illuminated green veins that ran through the roots. As he walked, he ran his paws along the coarse, warm walls and felt the pulse of the Tree. He came…More
  • Origin Story
    “Ladies, gentlemen, valued et cetera. You’re probably wondering why I’ve called you here. I-“ “Get to the point.” “Well I hoped to be a little more dramatic about such an important revelation.” “Let the revelation speak for itself.” “Fine. Adam, come on out and skip to the question and answer portion.” Adam walked out on…More
  • Wonder
    I used to look up into the night sky and wonder. Then I went there. Among the trillions upon trillions of stars, none had that kindred spirit I longed for. I found a machine civilization, a sentient black hole (I called him Phil, which he enjoyed very much), and others that, despite all my progressive…More
  • A yarn about software development culture
    Note: This is a republished version of an article from an old blog. Richard Stallman resigned and/or was pushed out of the FSF, depending on your alignment. People put up with his behavior because he helped start the free software movement. But after a point you have to wonder: how many potential contributors were put off…More
  • I listened to Joe Rogan’s podcast so you don’t have to
    Here are all the things I’ve heard about Joe Rogan, mega-popular podcaster: Nazi Transphobe Idiot Genius I finally gave in and had a listen to a few of his very, very long podcast episodes after Bernie Sanders called out his interview with Rogan. The result is…he’s okay. Fine. Good. Doesn’t seem like a Nazi. Has…More
  • That time I got two defective refurbished Nikon D3400s from Adorama
    I have long wanted to get serious about photography. I used a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS until it died on me, and quit photography. I just didn’t have the money for another camera, and phone cameras were inadequate. One day, I finally saved enough to get a proper DSLR in the form of a Nikon…More
  • ActivityPub Could Be The Future
    I’ll admit, I’ve spent the last several years disillusioned with technology. All the quirky little tools people made gave way to ad-fueled companies that refused to play well with others. This is the first time I’ve been excited for a new technology in memory. ActivityPub is to HTTP what HTTP was to TCP/IP. TCP/IP bridged…More
  • Unfinished Business
    I have watched over this realm for billions upon billions of years. I watched as promising worlds failed. The first became a scorched wasteland. The second was too much of too many good things. The fourth and beyond were too far from my light. The third seemed unlikely. A rocky runt shielded by its larger…More