Hello! I'm Kye Fox, a writer and musician from somewhere in the US state of Georgia. Rather than bore you with a biography, I'll share some of my inputs and hope that gives you a good idea of who I am and what to expect from this blog.

The All-In Podcast - While my own politics tilt far to the left, I recognize there are people across the political spectrum who want the same things I want. We just disagree on how to get there. While the hosts' wealth inevitably colors their views, they do have some lively discussions about the issues of the day, and they're not afraid to call each other out when they dip into absurdity. American politics might actually produce something more than anger and inaction if everyone could have the kinds of conversations they have.

Om Malik - Always has interesting takes on the intersection of technology and culture.

Penn's Sunday School - There's a meme popular with an obnoxious sort of person where Penn Jillette is next to a trash can full of pronouns. This is weird considering his kid is nonbinary, and his podcast intro is nonbinary-inclusive. I think some folks assume someone who's made a name for himself calling bullshit on things will naturally agree with them on what is and isn't bullshit. He always has interesting stories about the world of magic and show business generally, and very sparingly dips into culture war stuff.

Occultae Veritatis - It's not exactly a true crime podcast, but they cover a lot of the same ground with a tilt toward cults, weird murders, and historical horrors.

Acquired - Ever wanted to know about the people and companies behind most of the state of the world today? Sit down for a few hours and they'll tell you all about it. Sometimes they're a bit more down to Earth and focus on smaller companies, but the deep dives are what I listen for.

Offline with Jon Favreau - Interviews with people who think a great deal about the clash between social media and culture.