The world beyond Walking Dead

See what I did there?


Someone (I lost the link) did an analysis of the ever-lengthening run time of Walking Dead and its spinoffs.

Every last minute of extra time past 44 was ads. I tried watching the latest one, World Beyond, but they did the exact same thing with a slog of a pace and endless ad breaks. I didn’t last 3 episodes. AMC just doesn’t have enough stuff that interests me to justify the premium service.

I actually liked the original series once they got to the Whisperers. Same thing. The pacing is slightly better, but it has endless ad breaks. TV has always plotted for ad breaks. They have lots and lots of acts so they have clear points for pauses. The Walking Dead franchise takes it to an absurd level.

AMC thinks it’s CBS with absolutely nothing worth watching except Star Trek, and soon, The Stand. AMC has nothing like Star Trek in 2020. Walking Dead was like that the first few seasons and had the potential, but then the showrunner at the time said “we could drag this out for 50 seasons” and set about proving it.

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