Nobody asked if Trump’s coup attempt was legal

All these centrist/liberal “here’s why it’s legally impossible for Trump to stay in power” takes are not reassuring to someone with no trust in systems, who is threatened by Trump’s ongoing illegal actions, and who would be further threatened by a Trump unconcerned with re-election.

It’s the same dismissiveness they’ve always shown to the left but, as always, they try to spin it as for our own good. Your hour long video from a constitutional lawyer or lengthy explainer is actually completely useless for the actual concern that you didn’t bother listening to.

People who still trust systems in 2020 are exhausting. Trump will do everything in his power to stay in power, up to and including nuking the planet. We can hope systems, or cooler heads around him will prevail. There is evidence even the people he’s hand-picked in his power consolidation have cooler heads, but they’re the kind of people who get purged until the dictator is surrounded by people who obey orders.

I will not feel safe until he’s out of power, and until Democrats finally realize why they keep losing or narrowly winning elections and start caring around real systemic change.

Biden opened his campaign with “nothing with fundamentally change.” He will have to change his mind or we will be back here within 20 years.

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