The internet was not the biggest invention of the 20th century

The internet was nothing next to basically anything to come out of the 20th. There’s nothing you could do on it you couldn’t do on BBSes/stuff like Compuserve that predated wide availability of the internet.

The ’90s internet was a nice interface over the existing telephone network. The internet’s time to shine is still to come. Most of what’s shaping up to be important is only now getting started.

  • Virtual realityLook at what people are doing in VRChat. If a furry goofing off on an all-nighter can make an entire meme experience, then imagine the potential. Yes, people said this about Second Life, but it got boring without VR, and aside from a few furry night clubs, most people moved on. What changes once you can have an immersive experience with a $200 satellite-connected headset you can have droned in from Walmart with a high bandwidth, low-latency connection? I’m calling it now: the next YouTube will be native to virtual reality.
  • Cryptocurrency – Most of what gets press is useless, power-wasting garbage. Meanwhile every bank, every government, and quite a few companies are working on ways to use it to enhance their existing real-money functions.
  • Bright Skies – Elon Musk’s vanity project (Starlink) will probably crash and burn, but the fuse is lit on cheap access to space. How does the world change when low latency satellite internet is widely available?

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