Reclaiming my CPU time on the vicious, viscous web

JavaScript was named in 1995, created earlier by Brendan Eich, someone who accuses people of trying to compel him to speak when you ask any question in the realm of whether or not his donation to an anti-gay hate campaign reflects his current views. Much as it pains me to say, and to his credit, he’s not on a scale of assholery with most people who use this kind of language. Still, it’s not that difficult to say that, yeah, the queers deserve equal rights even if they’re both assigned the same sex at birth.

People have asked me to affirm that black lives matter, or trans lives matter, or indigenous lives matter, and sometimes they do it with forceful language. I don’t feel compelled to say things I agree with even if people use compelling language to request a statement.

“What’s your favorite ice cream? Tell me, asshole.”

Neapolitan! It’s also a pretty nice chord.

Brendan Eich probably is a genius. He made JavaScript in under a month. The entire web and a growing amount of the desktop runs on it through Electron. But I’ve written before on how letting one genius run others off is a problem.

It is, of course, his right to not share an opinion, just as it’s my right to have an opinion on his refusal to clarify whether or not he thinks I deserve the same rights he has.

It should cause you no surprise to learn someone with no respect for me created a language popular with people who also have no respect for me, my time, my energy, my bandwidth, my CPU time, my persistent storage. And so on.

You can tell which sites favor conversion over user experience by turning JavaScript off. The better ones still show the article. Sites that don’t probably aren’t worth paying for or subscribing to.

I’m warming up to the idea of having JavaScript off by default, assisted by tools like NoScript to make it easier to selectively allow scripts. The web has turned vicious and I think it’s time to reclaim it.


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