Healing, but for who? A response to President-elect Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s victory speech had a “can’t we all just get along?” theme.

I think the world he sees is possible. I’m going to take him up on what he asked, but I don’t think he’ll like how I go about it. But that’s my belief that he’s an old corporatist who cares more about his investments than people who never had a hope of having investments in this system.

His party and his cohort within it needs to learn you can’t just ignore the obvious popularity of leftist ideas and hope to keep winning elections on “yeah, but look at the other guy!”

It’s true: we aren’t so different.

Republicans, most outside the establishment, will agree that most leftist policies are great, but they worry about how to pay for it, or what it’ll mean for people who have jobs in industries those policies affect.

Democrats mostly agree with leftist beliefs, but they’re convinced Republicans will never go for it. We just mined an asteroid! A whole-ass rock in space! Just floating up there with all kinds of cool metals and minerals. We decide what’s possible and set about making it so. You have to try to find where the real limits are, and we are going to try.

I’m going to try finding where our commonalities are. I really don’t know where the limits are. I grew up in this dysfunctional politics and never felt like there was a point to trying. We’re going to fuck around and find out.

We will reach across. But it can’t be one direction. You have to move left a bit or the under-70 crowd will keep taking seats with mildly socialist ideas and we’ll primary you right out in 2024. A lot of those seats are in “red” counties and states. A lot of people in your own party treat these places as evil and lost. I live in a county that votes 70% Republican and almost everyone wears masks around here. I know better than you that people are more than the color painted over their home on a map by news networks.

I know how awful a “blue” can be, and I know how good a “red” can be. Better than you, for sure.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be old enough to run for President then. So will a lot of people who share similar values and grew up in the ruins of failed DNC policy. You’re on notice, Mr. President-elect. We’re taking you up on your offer, but you better mean it.

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